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Rules and Guidelines for Submissions
1) Articles submitted for publication on this website must be about logic, methodology, epistemology or related philosophical and scientific topics (including relevant aspects of linguistics and psychology, to name two). They may be theoretical or concern an application of logic, provided the latter has a theoretical intent. You may only submit an article that you yourself have authored entirely. Submit your article by e-mail to:


2) The purpose of such publication is to stimulate learning and debate in the field of logic. In principle, the content of the article will not be subject to evaluation by us, nor will the author's credentials be examined. No preference will be given to any ideological tendency or 'school'. However, articles judged to be essentially religious or political apologetics or propaganda, or commercial advertisement, will not be accepted for publication. In any event, publication of an article on this forum should not be construed as an academic endorsement of its ideas, or of its author's work in general, by the publisher and editors of The Logic Forum.

3) There will be no charge to the author for publishing an article herein. The author likewise waives all financial reward or other claims from the publisher.  The publisher and editors of LogicForum.org are unpaid volunteers, and the project is intended as a public service. The publisher and editors reserve the right to refuse, without explanation, publication of any article submitted, though usually a return e-mail will be sent to the author. Once an article is published, it may eventually be moved to a different webpage or simply deleted, as the publisher and editors see fit, without advising the author. The author retains all ownership and copy rights to any article of his/hers published in this forum. It follows that he/she may at any time request removal  of the article, or even its replacement; note however that updates to posted articles will be accepted only exceptionally. The author is also free to simultaneously publish the same article elsewhere.

4) The article should be submitted in .pdf format. You may restrict copy-paste and/or printing possibilities, as you wish, when making the .pdf file. Check spelling and grammar beforehand. Remember also to number the pages. The article may be any reasonable number of pages long (or short). It should begin with a Title, the name of the Author, and specify Copyright conditions (e.g. "author reserves all rights") and Year (of writing or of previous publication). If it was previously published, state where. A brief (1 to 5 lines max) Abstract or introduction should be included. You may add pictures and external links (e.g. to your own website) within the .pdf file, provided these are relevant to the text. You may include your E-mail address in the article, if you want feedback from readers.

5) In the initial e-mail submission of the article, the author must clearly affirm his/her authorship and ownership of the copyright, and free the present publisher from all legal or financial liabilities. If two or more authors wrote the article, they must all confirm same. Copy/paste the following declaration in your e-mail:

"I/we solemnly affirm being the author(s) and copyright holder(s) of the article entitled ... attached to this e-mail, and as such permit The Logic Forum to post it in .pdf format anywhere in the website logicforum.org free of charge and for an unlimited time (or at least until if ever I/we request its removal). Signed... Date... Place...."

6) A link to the .pdf file will be posted on the appropriate page of this website, mentioning the Title, Author, brief Abstract and date of posting. Links will be added in chronological order, with the most recent appearing first. To start with, there will be no sorting into categories, but such sorting may occur at a later date, at the discretion of the publisher and editors.

7) A submitted article may be refused or its publication delayed if any of the above rules and guidelines are not obeyed - so please read them carefully and obey them beforehand to save everyone time and trouble. The present rules and guidelines may be changed or expanded as time goes by.

The Publisher and Editors
The present website, The Logic Forum, www.logicforum.org, is wholly owned and run by Avi Sion. It is intended as an adjunct or service of his main website The Logician, www.thelogician.net.

This new project is launched in response to occasional visitors of The Logician website who have asked me if I would publish an article of theirs in it.

To begin with I intend to perform the work of Publisher and Editor alone. However, I would appreciate two or three other duly qualified persons volunteering to join an enlarged editorial team. The work of an editor will consist essentially in ensuring that the above listed rules and guidelines have been obeyed by submissions. The editors may of course recommend changes in the rules and guidelines.

If you are interested in participating in this project as an Editor, please contact me soon at:

publisher@logicforum.org !
When an article of yours is published in The Logic Forum, a link to your website will be graciously added to the present list. This is assuming your website concerns logic, epistemology, philosophy or related topics.

However, links will not be included to  websites with doubtful content (e.g. pornography, drugs, violence, etc.) or to essentially commercial, political or religious websites. The publisher and editors reserve the right to decide what to include or exclude.

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